Preventive Maintenance

We offer 24/7 HVAC maintenance and HVAC emergency services.

Bahnson Mechanical Systems offers 24/7 maintenance and emergency services with our 20 service trucks that operate in Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and Greenville, SC (upstate South Carolina). We also have a small but growing presence in Raleigh, NC.

In addition to providing standard maintenance programs, BMS is a turnkey service provider that provides customized maintenance programs to customers who have specialized equipment that might fall outside the realm of comfort cooling.

BMS can custom design a program that fits clients’ unique needs and provide long-term budgeting solutions through programs designed to monitor the repair costs of HVAC equipment over time—so customers can make more informed capital spending decisions.

Factory trained on various manufacturers’ equipment, ranging from 1500-ton chillers to small interior split systems, and everything in between, BMS Service technicians are prepared to meet nearly any challenge that arises. We cover both comfort cooling and air requirements for process applications.

We also have an impeccable safety record and continually stress safety as an integral part of all jobs. Examples of this include lock out/tag out training, confined space training, and MSHA required training and certifications.