Bahnson Mechanical Systems is a full service Design-Build contractor, able to provide end-to-end solutions for the most demanding applications.

The Design-Build method is ideal for clients seeking streamlined project delivery from a “one stop shop.”  That is why we offer a full range of facilities services and systems.  For over a century, BMS has delivered reliable, efficient HVAC, mechanical, and air systems that support our demanding clients’ products and processes. We engineer the building systems that make our customers excel. 

Advantages of Design-Build project delivery include:

Shorter Delivery Timelines
Our engineers and construction teams work closely together during the entire project delivery process.  This substantially reduces total project time by allowing overlap of design and construction activities, eliminating redesign, and expediting procurement of material and equipment.  The result is faster project delivery for our clients.

Reduced Cost
Design-Build projects are delivered faster than traditional project delivery methods, which reduces costs.  But the savings don’t stop there.  Since our engineers and construction teams work closely together, there are continual Value Engineering and Constructability reviews throughout our projects.  The result is the right building systems for our clients at the best possible cost.

Higher Quality
As a “one stop shop” for both design and construction using the Design-Build method, Bahnson Mechanical Systems is the sole contractor responsible for project quality and system performance.  Our engineers provide complete design documents, our construction teams warrant their work, and our service teams commission our systems to ensure quality performance.  Our service teams are also available for ongoing predictive and preventive maintenance. 

Better Risk Management
The Design-Build method typically reduces changes and change orders on a project.  As a Design-Build contractor, our team listens carefully to our clients’ requirements, then works together to design and deliver fully functioning, high performing systems.

Streamlined Communication
Other project delivery methods require coordination with and between separate design and construction contracts.  As a Design-Build contractor, our clients communicate all requirements, changes, and issues about any aspect of their project directly with our project managers so we can deliver beyond expectations—leaving our clients able to focus on their businesses.